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Community Donations

Community Donations
Twin Towns community donations

Explanation of funds policy

Twin Towns Services Club and our affiliated philanthropic association, the Twin Towns Services Community Foundation, support through financial and in-kind assistance a variety of groups and causes.

Each year the Club distributes funds to groups who are associated with the Club and its primary aims and also to external organisations, primarily in the Tweed region. We receive a large number of requests and in order to allocate funds in a transparent and fair manner a series of policy documents have been developed. These documents not only reflect our commitment to the Club members and community, they also reflect our capacity in terms of financial performance in making these grants.

Funds are allocated by the Club

  • The Tweed Heads and Coolangatta RSL Sub Branch, our primary affiliated body.
  • To Internal Sections of the Club to support the sporting and recreational activities which members enjoy but are ancillary to our primary aims.
  • Through general grants in response to requests and natural disaster events.

Funds are allocated by the Foundation

  • In accordance with the Charter of the Company and may respond to any request or program deemed suitable by the Directors.

The aim of the document is to identify how funding is accessed through each of these categories and where the Club's priorities are positioned.

You are invited to select a category of support that you wish to access and apply through the processes detailed. In many circumstances, funds may be available through a number of sources and applications in each criteria are not normally required, with the exception of a CDSE application which must be in accordance with the Government Regulations.

Twin Towns invites you to continue to share in our community wealth through these programs. Our ability to provide funding is linked to our success, total distributions reflect the Club's financial performance in the preceding year.

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