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Twin Towns Sends Aid Dollars Via Rotary Link To Nepal

Twin Towns Sends Aid Dollars Via Rotary Link To Nepal

Posted on 05-Jun-2015

In the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake tragedy that killed more than 8,500 people and left thousands homeless, the Twin Towns’ Board of Directors has announced $10,000 will be donated on behalf of members to assist with Rotary’s relief work in the stricken country.

A 7.8-magnitude quake hit the northwest of Kathmandu on 25 April, causing the catastrophic death toll and demolishing more than half a million homes. As the Nepalis were struggling to recover from the devastation, a second major quake struck northeast of Kathmandu on 12 May, causing more deaths and demolishing many of the homes and buildings left standing after the first quake.

Chairman of the Twin Towns Community Foundation and Twin Towns Board Director, David Phillips, said the $10,000 donation would be made via Rotary partners to ensure 100 percent of funds reached the intended recipients in Nepal.

“This disaster is the worst on record in the Himalayan country and hundreds of people are still unaccounted for. Thousands of people are sleeping in tents or the open air after their homes were destroyed or declared unsafe for them to return.

“Twin Towns’ donation will go a long way towards buying tarpaulins, mattresses, medicines and other necessities to help families left homeless and traumatised by the event.

“Having the essentials they need to return to their homes is an important step in getting the Nepalis back to their own communities and helping them and their children regain some sense of normality,” he said.

Diana Traversi, public relations co-ordinator at the Currumbin-Coolangatta-Tweed Rotary Club, said she and her contacts in Nepal are overwhelmed to hear the news about the Twin Towns donation and planning is underway through the Rotary Club of Pokhara Fishtail to coordinate its disbursement in the best possible way.

“This disaster has struck a personal chord with me, as together with Past President Michelle Mitchell, we have visited Nepal on three occasions through our work on educational projects conducted by Rotary in the country.

“I have managed to keep in contact with people I know there and they have told me entire communities have been cut off due to the difficult terrain and an already inadequate road system. Some areas are still only accessible by helicopter.

“The donation from Twin Towns will help provide essentials for those most in need. Because the quake struck at the end of winter, many villagers had stores of grain in their homes, along with their animals such as goats. All has been lost in the quake,” said Diana.

“The kids have lost everything - their clothes, school books, even their schools have been destroyed.

“On a daily basis, these displaced communities are dealing with poverty, trauma, grief, illness, injury, fear of the unknown and continued tremors.

“The financial assistance from our Twin Towns ‘Community’ to theirs will have a significant impact on Rotary’s ongoing relief work in Nepal.

“Our Club applauds Twin Towns’ generosity and compassion in helping our efforts.”

The Twin Towns donation will also assist with purchases of rice and millet for distribution in the hardest hit areas of the country such as Gorkha.

Twin Towns and its affiliated philanthropic association, the Twin Towns Services Community Foundation, provide support through financial and in-kind assistance to a variety of local groups and causes.

In 2014, Twin Towns distributed Club grants totalling $1.4 million and the Twin Towns Services Community Fund contributed an additional $405,200 to financially support junior sport, charitable organisations and medical research.

In March this year, Twin Towns donated $50,000 via Rotary to assist with relief work in Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam caused widespread destruction in the island nation.

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