Last November, a special Armistice Day presentation on the outdoor screen at Twin Towns brought to life the faces of men and women who had served, or were still serving, in the Australian Defence Force or Allied Forces.

Many letters and emails were received from people who were thrilled to see their photos and some travelled hundreds of kilometres see them.

In honour of ANZAC Day this year, the same presentation will run each evening from Monday 22 April to Sunday 28 April.

On those evenings it can be see at 6.15pm, 7.15pm, 8.15pm & 9.15pm alternating the two different displays that were created.

The faces will also light up the building, along with ANZAC Day footage, for the Dawn Service from 5am to 7.20am.

The light show is a memorable experience for everyone who respects and admires the contributions made by so many great Australians.

Edward Felix Tardent

One of the faces you’ll see is Edward (Ted) Tardent, a young Corporal from Roma Queensland who enlisted at the age of 16 years by falsifying his records to say he was 18.

Ted ultimately paid the supreme sacrifice at the age of just 18, when he was killed in action in Belgium on 31 July 1917. Just over a week prior on 23 July, he penned his last letter to his parents. Here is an excerpt:

I take this opportunity to write you what may be my last loving words. We are being launched into a large offensive, and if I do not happen to pull through, a pal of mine shall send you this letter. Should I not survive, I shall die knowing that I have done my duty, both to my King and country. Mind you, I am not a bit afraid to die, for I have faced death too many times to be afraid of it. The Tardents are made of good, solid stuff, and I can live or die just as the bravest of the bravest. I am in extremely good health and, thanks to you, my dear parents, have always been the same. Now, goodbye, loved ones, and remember, should I die, I died bravely.

Your loving son

Edward Felix Tardent

100 Years 100 Faces

Presentation 1 (6.15pm and 8.15pm)

Betty Robinson (Lewis)

Alexander Roy Norvill

Noel Browning

Samuel Browning

Mathew Bell

John Joseph Costello

Robert Henry Cooper

Troy Methorst / Marc Alexander / Sean Weston / Josh Bickford

Troy Methorst

William Henry Hoskin

James, Norman & Allen Campbell with Francis, Leslie, Stanley & Roy Weeks

Bree Tiller

Cyril Charles Thomson

Blair Thornhill

Norman Henstridge

Edward Felix Tardent

Andrew Pearson

Donald Geoffrey Green

Keith Paris

Jack Murphy

Jack Richmond Paddon

Lloyd Evans

Gordon Forrester

Luke Snow

Alexander O’Connor (with Battalion)

Michael Pettigrew

Norman Wilhelm Neuendorf

Norman Wilhelm Neuendorf

Matina Jewell

Arthur Romaine

Scott Tiller

John Thurlow

John Joseph Costello

William Maitland Woods

William Maitland Woods (with Light Horse Brigade)

Mark Strang (VC)


Presentation 2 (7.15pm and 9.15pm)

Allan McPhee

Norman Wilhelm Neuendorf

Norman Wilhelm Neuendorf

Ron Hodgson (Young)

Ron Hodgson (Old)

Matina Jewell

Arthur Edward Tiley (& Friends)

Peter Smith

James Joseph Lynch

John Griffin

Nick Goldsworthy / Troy Methorst / Marc Alexander / Nahib Yula

Lyle Guy

Thomas William Quayle

Bree Tiller

Curtis O’Brien

Ben Hinton

Ellen Turner

John Henry Royal

John Taylor

Lloyd Evans

Barry John Olive

Gordon Forrester

Ken Saunders

Michael Pettigrew

Leonard Pitt Ardill

Kenneth, James & William Brown

William Maitland Woods

William Maitland Woods (With Light Horse Brigade)

Mark Strang (VC)

Ruddy Holland

Kenneth James Cullen (1914)

Kenneth James Cullen (1941)

Alexander O’Connor

Wayne (Ollie) Oldfield

Frederick Michael Horan