Dear Members,

Whilst we have all been approaching life with the utmost care during the pandemic the world is experiencing, the Sub-Branch has been conducting affairs to the best of our ability within the legislative and safety provisions currently pertaining.

Belinda has kept the operation of the office continuing with the usual high efficiency, with welcome backup when necessary by Jan Partridge. Jenny has continued to support veterans and families through the pension and advocacy work along with Joe, who similarly supports veterans in this activity in an expanded field in the Gold Coast District.

Of course, the Welfare team of committee members – Max and Sheila, along with volunteers Peter Freeman, Patricia Cummins and David Graham – are maintaining contact with members and families to ensure optimal communications and information transference. John Connolly is maintaining contact with our local schools.

The committee has been meeting on an ‘as required’ basis to ensure all obligations are met and effective administration is maintained. Treasurer Ronda, Secretary Norm, and I had the opportunity to meet with State and District representatives with telephone contact with State Branch consultants to examine the needs and Sub-Branch/State relationships.

We were able to clearly state requirements of Sub-Branches to carry out their role for veterans and their families. We hope that our efforts will be productive.

We look forward to the future when we will be able to return to the new future and share together with events that we have missed during the proceeding months. 

Keep safe.

John Griffin