S.A.T. Raff

Everyone is asking, “What’s SAT Raff?” SAT Raff is the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon at Twin Towns, with trivia, games, [...]

S.A.T. Raff2018-07-18T15:50:28+00:00

FeelGOOD Friday

Every Friday is FeelGOOD Friday at 1st On Wharf and if you win yourself a meat tray, gift card, fuel card or Gusti [...]

FeelGOOD Friday2018-07-18T15:52:11+00:00

Members Money

Back by popular demand, Members Money gives you 60,000 MORE REASONS to make Twin Towns your club.

Members Money2018-07-09T11:07:20+00:00

RED25 Twinnies Crew

Twin Towns Bar Supervisor, Bec O’Brien, says she’d often thought about donating blood but just never seemed to get around to it. After [...]

RED25 Twinnies Crew2018-07-02T08:09:15+00:00

Twin Towns joins forces with Brown Brothers Wines to present a sumptuous, five-course culinary tapestry in Harbour Fresh.

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