BSG Rewards is changing the face of Bingo as we know it, and in May, it commences on Wednesdays at Twin Towns.

BSG Rewards gives players the chance to win up to $30,000, just by playing Bingo!

To be in the running, players can purchase specially themed tickets for the jackpot game. Numbers are called as usual but players will see symbols allocated to random numbers on the screen. A unique sound will be played for each different symbol so you can mark these on your tickets.

When the full house winner calls Bingo, they win the prize on offer, regardless of whether or not a BSG Rewards prize is claimed.

If this winning player ALSO has five matching symbols on their ticket, they win the in-house prize plus a jackpot prize from BSG Rewards.

If you win the jackpot, you and the entire room will certainly know about it! The winner video automatically plays, followed by the sound of alarm bells and ‘Jackpot Winner’ will be displayed on the bingo screens.

If the Major Jackpot Prize is unclaimed, $1,000 will be added to the prize which is capped at $30,000. You can check the jackpot prize on offer each day at

There is also a second chance draw for a $5,000 cruise voucher. Players can place their completed second chance draw tickets in the BSG Rewards entry box for a chance to win.

If the prize is won at another Club, the caller will draw a $100 winner from the entry box.

Here’s what you can win when you play BSG Rewards Bingo on Wednesdays at Twin Towns:

• Major Jackpot $1,000 PLUS Weekly Bonus Jackpot (5 major symbols plus the BONUS JACKPOT to a maximum $30,000 as

advertised on the day)

• Maxi Jackpot $500 (5 maxi symbols)

• Mini Jackpot $100 (5 mini symbols)

• Feature Prize $250 (match all the letters in BINGO to win a bonus $250)