Dance On

Well known to dancers and lovers of classic 50’s and 60’s rock n roll music, the band has been performing for many years on the Gold Coast, Northern New South Wales and Brisbane.

Club managers agree the numbers of patrons increases substantially whenever Dance On is advertised as a coming attraction. The band plays music that appeals to all age groups. Patrons are happy to enjoy the music, whether they are dancing or just sitting and tapping their toes.

Dance On band members are all experienced, professional musicians who have established successful careers and who have performed throughout Australia and beyond. Combined, they generate a dynamic energy and a driving beat that has attracted a strong and dedicated following. With an irresistible appeal that continues to elicit glowing praise from patrons and venue managers alike, the band’s fan base continues to grow.

Following the retirement of the founder of the band (Sylvia Sheedy), lead singer Colin Cooper is now the only original member of the band. He is recognized as being the ‘Man in the Black Hat’. Colin is joined on stage by three fantastic musicians.


After comments like “That’s the best rock n roll night we’ve ever been to” and to answer the question “when will you be playing at a club near where we live?”, organizers of club events are urged to book early for the band’s availability.


16 May 2018


7:30 pm - 11:30 pm




The Stage