Side By Side

With the songs of Olivia Newton John & Peter Allen

For decades Australian singer Donna and British actor Simon Gillespie could have waved at each other from passing planes as they zigzagged across the globe on two truly international careers. On a rare occasion when they were both in the same city at the same time, they were thrown onto a stage together by an unwitting (and un-named) producer and there began a friendship that has lasted for decades and shows no sign of fading.

Putting their wealth of experience and creativity together Donna and Simon have produced an exciting new concept;

SIDE by SIDE is a suite of fresh shows, each created with the same goal; iconic music and unashamed revelation.

Every moment of our lives is underscored by the music of our age. SIDE by SIDE brings these moments, their stories and songs together in a celebration of the best of our times.

Combining the very best of the music we’ve played out our lives to with often unheard stories from behind the scenes; this intoxicating mix gloriously reveals the mysterious, insane, sometimes gory, often maddening and always hilarious world of showbiz for exactly what it is. This is a brilliant new take on entertainment.


22 Jan 2019


10:30 am


From $7

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