Trip: is the journey.
Lick: is to taste the sweet sounds.
It: is the band.
We aim to provide an interactive performance where the crowd jumps on board with us and spends the night singing and dancing along. Macquarie is the lead guitar maestro, while Lachie supplies the bass groove and Tim creates the beats. Triplickit was formed in 2010 after we had all been performing on stage with various bands for several years. We have the necessary experience to know what people expect from a top covers band. The combination of our previous experience, a popular catalogue of songs and our subsequent years of performing together has resulted in a quality product. Perhaps our greatest strength as a band is that the three of us are also highly capable singers. The role of lead vocalist can be shared with each of us bringing our own unique qualities to the songs. This creates a    diverse sound throughout the night. It also enables us to combine for some sweet harmonies that really stand out.


10 Feb 2024


4:30 pm




The Stage
2 Wharf st, Tweed Heads, NSW 2486
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