Trombone Kellie Gang

Trombone Kellie is a unique, energetic and versatile entertainer who engages the audience. Showcasing inspirational vocals, raunchy/ smooth trombone and groovy rhythm guitar. From a very early age as she was doing the chores she remembers experimenting with her voice, scatting around melodies to the bass drone of the vacuum cleaner. In her recollections this is where her love of singing began. Trombone Kellie has an innate flair for spontaneous, original melody. She has performed at Agnes Water Blues and Roots Festival, Blues on Broadbeach and Nimbin Mardi Grass. Also at many different Weddings, Functions, Restaurants, Parties, Jazz venues and countless Hotels/ Pubs and more. Along with her acceptance into two highly acclaimed universities for music degrees, Trombone Kellie has what it takes to entertain the people.


03 May 2019


4:30 pm - 8:30 pm




The Stage