Twin Towns’ Flame Café and Pizzeria menus have been revamped and a stack of new savoury treats and light meals are set to shake up dining at Twin Towns.

Introducing what’s sure to become a firm favourite to devour alone or share – the Stromboli. Flame’s Stromboli is made from pizza dough, filled with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, ham, herbs and roasted capsicum.

Unlike a Calzone, which is a bit like a crescent-shaped folded pizza, Stromboli is rolled into a cylinder. Then, it’s placed in the piping hot pizza oven until it’s golden brown and oozing with gooey cheesy perfection. Flame’s Stromboli is served with garlic aioli on the side. Try one. You’ll be hooked. Get your Stromboli from Flame Café for just $15.50 members; $16.50 visitors.

Executive Chef Lloyd Cremer has added his own unique twist to a family favourite with Oven-baked Mac and Cheesecake. These tasty squares of crumbed and deep-fried Mac and Cheese, served with a side salad and tomato sauce, are a sensational treat at just $12.50 for members; $13.50 for visitors.

Other additions to the menu include Quesadillas. If you’re struggling to get your mouth around this one, it’s pronounced keh-suh-dee-uh (the l’s are silent). Quesadillas originated in Mexico, and the name is derived from tortilla (the flatbread) and the Spanish word for cheese, ‘queso’. In Spanish, quesadilla means ‘little cheesy thing’.

Flame’s quesadilla come in a choice of Tex Mex chicken or Mexican spiced beef, with capsicum, red onions, mozzarella with sour cream, salsa and avocado. The filling is loaded into the tortilla, folded, toasted and cut into triangles to serve. Perfect for after-the-show lunch or a snack any time of the day, quesadillas are just $12.50 members; and $13.50 visitors.

Snackers will also enjoy Flame Cafe’s range of sandwiches, fresh and toasted, melts, salads, specialties like bagels and smashed avo, cakes and treats and, of course, a freshly roasted Flame coffee.

Lloyd has also added some new creations to the Flame Pizzeria menu so be sure to check these out next time you’re at Twin Towns.