The Twin Towns membership card no longer shows your internal club memberships. This change commenced in December 2017.

In most cases, members do not require proof of internal club membership unless participating in external affiliated events.

If an occasion arises where a member does require proof of their internal club membership, there are two options available: Open the Twin Towns App on your mobile device and go to your member details. Here, members can see their internal club memberships and expiry dates.

If you do not have access to a smart phone to access the app, you can request a Proof of Membership card. This card is additional to your Club Membership Card and can be issued by your internal club committee upon request.

Internal Club Pro-Rata Membership

Many members have asked for the convenience of aligning their internal club renewal month with the same month that their main club membership falls due.

The goal is that all the members fees fall due at the same time, reducing the need for multiple renewals throughout the year and the risk of forgetting to renew one of your many memberships.

A solution to this issue will be available from April to June 2018, where internal club members can make a pro-rata payment (part year payment) via their internal club committee.

Once the pro-rata fee is paid, your internal club membership will extend to the same month that your main membership falls due, therefore aligning the month of renewal for all your memberships.

This process is optional for those members who wish to align their memberships. It is not compulsory but is in response to a common concern.

If you are interested, please speak to your internal club representatives, who have been provided details of your corresponding pro-rata fee.

Pro-rata fees are payable to your internal club directly with the exception of Mens and Ladies Golf pro-rata membership

payments which must be made via the Island House.