Play by the rules

Despite battling ongoing amendments to Public Health Orders that can change in the blink of an eye, it’s business as usual at Twin Towns, albeit with measures in place to ensure the health and safety of all who visit.

The best news is that Twin Towns sits right in the middle of the ‘border bubble’ and those living within the designated Queensland side of the border bubble can visit the Club whenever they wish – to dine at one of seven restaurants, enjoy a few drinks at one of eight bars, watch their favourite sport on the big screens, and relax and have some fun with family or friends.

Twin Towns CEO Rob Smith explained that whilst the onus rests squarely on management’s shoulders to keep abreast of every change to Public Health Orders as they occur, patrons also have an important role to play.

“Ensuring social distancing, limits on venue capacities, staying within designated zones while in the Clubs, registering all contact details and consuming alcohol only when seated, are just a few of the challenges faced by our COVID-19 Marshals on a daily basis.

“Although not compulsory, our COVID-19 Marshals also do temperature checks on every person that enters the Clubs.

“We hope patrons understand that these same restrictions are inplace at every club across New South Wales and they can lighten the load on our COVID-19 Marshals by accepting the rules while they’re on the premises,” said Rob.

Not only are Public Health Officers patrolling venues across the State, the Department of Liquor and Gaming, Department of Fair Trading, Safe Work NSW, Local Government Environmental Health Officers and NSW Police are out and about, visiting venues to check on compliance.

Any business, including Clubs such as Twin Towns, found to be in breach of the Public Health Orders faces penalties of up to$55,000, and a further $27,500 penalty may apply for each dayan offence continues. On-the-spot fines can also be issued and venues that don’t comply can be ordered to close their doors for up to a month.

Hundreds of inspectors are currently patrolling the Tweed and will not hesitate to issue on-the-spot fines to clubs, pubs and venues who are not complying with the Public Health Orders.

Help keep Twin Towns COVIDSafe when you visit the Club and please be conscious of all the rules that apply. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the COVID-19 Marshals. They’re easy to spot in their high-vis vests.

For the safety of ALL visitors to the Clubs, people who have been in a restricted NSW Local Government Area (LGA)
or ‘hotspot’ in the past 14 days or are showing any signs of Coronavirus will not be admitted. People who have been in the State of Victoria within the past 14 days are also not permitted to enter the Clubs. If you’re in doubt about your eligibility to visit the Club, seek advice from your relevant State Health Department.