American comedian and ventriloquist David Strassman brings his dysfunctional band of puppets to Twin Towns in April for a brand new show called The Chocolate Diet.

Strassman’s renowned for his ability to create astounding mechanical and robotic devices that make his puppets seem like live, thinking, talking, autonomous creatures. If you’re yet to meet Strassman’s puppets, you won’t forget them in a hurry. Here’s a rundown of just a few you’ll meet on the night.

Ted E. Bare is cute and cuddly but there is another side to him. He’s adept at gaining sympathy and affection can fabricate lies to fulfil his basic needs. Ted E. loves to assume the role of ‘victim’ and uses his suffering to gain attention.

Ted E.’s best friend and worst enemy is Chuck Wood, an evil, sarcastic, angry and selfish puppet who’s stuck in the frame of a 12-year-old boy. For the most part though, Chuck is a leering, foulmouthed sociopath who spits, swears and projectile vomits over people without warning. Chuck can say and do the things we all wish we could but can’t because of social norms.

Meet Kevin, a Tabbit from a planet called Rigel 3. Kevin accidentally found planet Earth in his travels and stayed to study humans. Kevin is an outsider, always trying to fit in with the other puppets.

Angel stands for Autonomous Neuron Generating Experimental Lifeform, circa 2055. She’s a personal assistant, computer, BlackBerry, landline, fax, printer, scanner and full tea and coffee service. Angel is robotically female with a very strong sense of womanhood and independence. However, be warned: Don’t mess with Angel as she carries 220 Volts AC.

Book now for Strassman’s jaw-achingly funny performance on Saturday 4 April in the Twin Towns Showroom. There are two shows at 7pm Qld and 9.15pm Qld. Tickets are $59.90 and selling fast. Call 1800 014 014, go to au or book on the Twin Towns App. This show is rated MA. All 12 to 18-year-olds must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children under 12 will not be admitted.