Valentine’s Day on 14 February is traditionally one of the busiest nights of the year at Twin Towns restaurants so be sure to book your spot early for a romantic dinner at Harbour Fresh or Gusti d’Italia. 

After dinner, the love affair continues with a special performance at The Stage by popular R&B and Motown group, Sex and Chocolate, from 6pm to 10pm Qld.

Drawing their musical inspiration from Motown classics, R&B and timeless soul, Sex and Chocolate will play an eclectic mix of loved-up tunes from legends including Stevie Wonder, Barry White and James Brown.

Sex and Chocolate has been wowing audiences across Australia for more than 15 years, and not just because of their incredible vocals and harmonies. They’re also well known for their slick stage presence, clever choreography and ability to keep the crowd mesmerised by their performance.

Video special effects around Level 1 will create the perfect mood for a romantic night of music and dancing.