Dear Valued Members

It is with great pleasure that I advise we will reopen for business from 1 June 2020. Yesterday, we received an update from our peak body, ClubsNSW, outlining the conditions on how we can reopen and what restrictions will be in place. It’s not going to be like it was before we closed, as nothing is quite the same in the current environment, but we will be open and look forward to providing Twin Towns hospitality within the guidelines.

We intend to open all the Clubs and the Resort. Twin Towns, Club Banora, Juniors and the hotel will be open for business from Monday morning.  Outdoor sports will also open – golf, bowls and tennis – but again, within their special operating rules. Numbers will be limited across all of the Clubs. In response, we will be opening with a ‘member only plus one guest’ policy so that you have the very first opportunity to enjoy a return to your Club.

I’m also pleased to announce that those who were full Club members at the time the government closed the Club will automatically be given a one year extension on their membership. You don’t have to do anything; your existing membership card will continue to provide access to all your benefits until your extended expiry. You are welcome to swap your card with a new one when conditions return to normal. We are currently working through recognising the different impacts of the closure on the various internal clubs memberships and will make further announcement on this in the coming weeks.

Based on the advice received yesterday, we will be able to welcome you to enjoy all our regular offers. Dining, bars and gaming will be open. Some things will not be offered initially, such as entertainment and promotions, which constitute a gathering or event for more than 10 people.

We will be doing everything within our power to make the Club a safe environment. Cleaning will be at the forefront of everything we think and do. Many of the rules under which we will reopen are driven by one goal: ensuring you are entering a safe and clean environment. This will be our number one priority, along with making sure you enjoy your new Club experience.

But, you have a part to play in this too. Please make sure you socially distance, follow the hygiene directions and most of all, ensure that gatherings which breach the limits and guidelines do not occur. Remember, if you’re not feeling well, be responsible and stay at home.

We’ll help by reminding you of what is expected but we need you to do your part and use your Club in a way that allows us to build on this very exciting new beginning. Together, let’s get one day closer to the world, and Club, we’ve all enjoyed and loved before this unprecedented global event.

I cannot express our position more clearly than simply… welcome back! I look forward to seeing you around the Clubs. Stay healthy!

Michael Fraser
Board Chairman