Over the past few months, Twin Towns has been working on a Light Show project to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armistice on 11 November 1918. It’s called 100 years, 100 faces.

An overwhelming number of photos were submitted by locals and interstate families who heard about the presentation. 

There were many amazing stories too about these men and woman who served our country in a variety of capacities and theatres of war.

A big thank you to those that sent in photos and we hope you enjoy seeing your family member, friend or loved one honoured on the giant 17m x 5m screen on the exterior of the Twin Towns building.

Unfortunately, the quality of some photos submitted were determined not suitable for reproduction on such a large surface but the Twin Towns Screen Producer, Lachlan Donaldson, has gone above and beyond to ensure as many as possible were included.

Some photos feature multiple faces, siblings who headed to war as a family, battalions and two photos of entire Light Horse Brigades.

The 100 years, 100 faces presentation will run on the building every evening for two weeks from 4 November to 18

November. There will be two presentations; one will screen at 7.10pm Qld, the other at 8.10pm Qld during this time. The order will swap for the second week as shown below.

Regardless whether you have a connection to one of the faces, seeing this light show will be a unique and touching experience for everyone who respects and admires the contributions and sacrifices made by so many great Australians.

Take the time to see these faces and say a silent thanks to each and every one of them.

Here are the names and screening times. Each image will be on the screen for approximately one minute.


Sunday 4 November to Saturday 10 November at 7.10pm Qld

Sunday 11 November to Sunday 18 November at 8.10pm Qld

Betty Robinson (Lewis)

Alexander Roy Norvill

Noel Browning

Samuel Browning

Mathew Bell

John Joseph Costello

Robert Henry Cooper

Troy Methorst

Marc Alexander

Sean Weston

Josh Bickford

Troy Methorst

William Henry Hoskin

James, Norman & Allen


Francis, Leslie, Stanley &

Roy Weeks

Bree Tiller

Cyril Charles Thomson

Blair Thornhill

Norman Henstridge

Edward Felix Tardent

Andrew Pearson

Donald Geoffrey Green

Keith Paris

Jack Murphy

Jack Richmond Paddon

Lloyd Evans

Gordon Forrester

Luke Snow

Alexander O’Connor with


Michael Pettigrew

Norman Wilhelm


Norman Wilhelm


Matina Jewell

Arthur Romaine

Scott Tiller

John Thurlow

John Joseph Costello

William Maitland Woods

William Maitland Woods

with Light Horse Brigade

Mark Strang (VC)


Sunday 4 November to Saturday 10 November at 8.10pm Qld

Sunday 11 November to Sunday 18 November at 7.10pm Qld

Allan McPhee

Norman Wilhelm Neuendorf

Norman Wilhelm Neuendorf

Ron Hodgson (Young)

Ron Hodgson (Old)

Matina Jewell

Arthur Edward Tiley (& Friends)

Peter Smith

James Joseph Lynch

John Griffin

Nick Goldsworthy

Troy Methorst

Marc Alexander

Nahib Yula

Lyle Guy

Thomas William Quayle

Bree Tiller

Curtis O’Brien

Ben Hinton

Ellen Turner

John Henry Royal

John Taylor

Lloyd Evans

Barry John Olive

Gordon Forrester

Ken Saunders

Michael Pettigrew

Leonard Pitt Ardill

Kenneth, James & William Brown

William Maitland Woods

William Maitland Woods (With

Light Horse Brigade)

Mark Strang (VC)

Ruddy Holland

Kenneth James Cullen (1914)

Kenneth James Cullen (1941)

Alexander O’Connor

Wayne (Ollie) Oldfield

Frederick Michael Horan

Patrick Vincent Maher

Whilst every effort will be made to include all the photos listed above, some may not make the final if the quality is deemed too low during testing.