How do I go about gaining my RCG & RSA?2018-01-26T11:39:13+10:00

Contact Zealifi on 1300 122 287.

How do I apply for a position at Twin Towns Clubs & Resorts?2018-01-26T11:39:03+10:00

Information on careers at Twin Towns can be accessed via the careers page of our website.

I want to park in the Mantra underground car park. What is the height?2018-01-26T11:38:42+10:00

1.9 meters
Opens 6am – prior to this time an Mantra Twin Towns card is required to enter.
Exit – exit is always possible, an Mantra card is not required.

How can community organisations apply for funding from Twin Towns?2018-01-26T11:38:32+10:00

Information on donations can be accessed via the donations page of our website.

Is 1st On Wharf part of Twin Towns?2018-04-19T12:27:44+10:00

No, it’s owned by Twin Towns and is part of the Twin Towns Resort.

Why don’t I have to sign in to enter 1st On Wharf?2018-01-26T11:37:20+10:00

It’s a hotel, not a club, so you can enter without signing in.

Why do I need to sign in to enter Twin Towns?2018-01-26T11:37:09+10:00

It’s law in NSW that to enter a club you must either be a member or sign in as a guest of a member or as a visitor.

Does Twin Towns Clubs & Resorts provide a courtesy bus?2018-01-26T11:36:49+10:00

Yes! A free local bus service for patrons operates between Twin Towns, Club Banora and Juniors. The bus timetable can be


Translink Services operated by Surfside Bus Lines operate regular services along the coast and railway stations to deliver you directly to our door. (Regular fare applies). For information phone 131230, or visit www.transinfo.qld.gov.au

What are the dress regulations to enter the club?2018-04-19T12:26:21+10:00

Casual, clean attire is acceptable. Footwear must be worn. The wearing of hats and singlets is not permitted in the club by gentlemen.

What time zone does Twin Towns and Mantra Twin Towns operate on during DST and why?2018-01-26T11:35:50+10:00

Twin Towns Clubs and Resorts and Mantra Twin Towns both operate on Qld time during DST.
Club Banora and Juniors both operate on NSW time during DST.

Is Twin Towns located in NSW or Qld?2018-01-26T11:36:03+10:00