The long-awaited master plan for the redevelopment of Club Banora has evolved and plans are currently underway to submit a Development Application to the Tweed Shire Council for the major project in early 2020. After more than a decade of planning, a successful rezoning application, and continuing shifts in the make-up of Banora Point, the Board has determined that now is the ideal time to push forward with these plans.

CEO Rob Smith said the strategic redevelopment of land surrounding Club Banora has long been considered an integral component of diversification strategies aimed at ensuring the viability of Club Banora and the Twin Towns organisation into the future.

“Our industry is being warned to prepare for a future where liquor and gaming are not the centre of our universe. We must also look for new horizons to secure our future aside from these products, but the Club, of course, remains central to these plans.

“Whilst we’ve considered many diversification opportunities available to us, and will continue to do so, the Board is also looking to maximise the value of existing assets to deliver the best outcomes for our members and the community,” said Rob.

The proposed commercial development at Club Banora, involving a retail centre and speciality shops, is considered an essential growth opportunity, and one which diversifies the Club’s revenue streams.

“We are excited and optimistic about this opportunity at Club Banora and will continue to consult with members and the community as plans unfold for this new commercial development,” said Rob.

Three applications are currently being worked on. The first is approval to reconfigure the Clubs’ facilities to add a new undercover bowls facility to the south of the existing Club, a new play area for families off the bistro and parking for Oasis Pools, tennis and golf. The plan is for these works to precede any building on the retail stage so that at all times we have a functioning Club and sports facilities for members to continue to enjoy.

The second application is to seek approval for the retail components which would be done after the Club works are operational. Lastly, the Club will be seeking approval from members to commence planning for future development along the western side of the Clubs’ land holdings.

As members will appreciate, these steps will take some time to complete and are subject to the usual approvals process.

Twin Towns Board and management are currently working through the regulatory approvals processes and refining plans.

If a positive outcome is achieved, approximately 30,000sqm of land on the proposed site will become home to supermarkets and specialty retail, part of the 52-hectare Club Banora site, which has been in the planning since 2008.

Members and the local community are invited to attend information sessions to learn about the progress to date. These sessions will take place at Club Banora on Thursday 7 November at 6.15pm NSW in the Banora Lounge and Twin Towns Showroom on Tuesday 12 November at 6.15pm Qld.

On Thursday 12 December Club members will be invited to attend an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to vote on the proposed development site for future growth of the Club Banora site.

There will be more information about the Club Banora development in November Club News.