The Accidents

The Accidents are renowned as Queensland’s best party band.

After walking the length of India Gandhi said “Gee my feet hurt” and so will yours, the morning after an
evening with the Accidents.

This bunch of pumped up musical types have got more power than an equine hormone injected cyclist,
more chops than a footy club end of season barby and more moves than Gary Kasparov at a KGB
chess tournament.

The fresh updated lineup includes Rob Devoy on keys and violin, his violin playing brings life to tunes
like Cotton Eye Joe, Rob Bull on drums comes from a rich musical history that can be traced back
through his ancestry to Chief Sitting Bull. Scott Whatman sings and plays guitar like a man possessed
and never fails to impress ….. and fronting the band is Kerrie Bray, a singer of unparalleled raw passion
and power with a vocal range that is simply mind blowing.

The band plays all the crowds classic favourites + all the latest radio hits.

Classic 70’s, 80’s, 90’s … dance tracks to full on ROCK.

Definitely a band not to be missed


17 Sep 2022


9:00 pm




The Stage
2 Wharf st, Tweed Heads, NSW 2486
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