Late last year, Twin Towns received approval from the Tweed Shire Council for a Development Application to allow Twin Towns to play recorded music at street level on Wharf Street to accompany the light display presentations.

The move is designed to create atmosphere outside Twin Towns, and during the evenings, will complement the imagery and lightshows on the 17 x 5m screen on the exterior of the building.

A respectful recognition of those who have served in the armed forces, including the words of The Ode of Remembrance, now features in a visual presentation on the screen every evening at 6pm. 

Once the new sound system is in place, a voiceover will be played. People who are in the vicinity of the Club will be invited to take a minute or two to acknowledge and respect the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women who served and died in wars and conflicts, and those currently serving our country.

If you are at Twin Towns at 6pm one evening, take a moment to wander down to see the Ode presentation on the screen or reflect in your own way, wherever you may be at the time.