From the Board Chairman

Mandatory Closure Equals Opportunity

Twin Towns Clubs & Resorts’ mandatory closure presents a vast array of options and opportunities to move forward, in a strategic sense, during this profound pandemic experience. Restructure our Clubs, refurbish them and plan to be where you need to be in the future, as against where we have been and where we are now. Certainly, a vastly changing world unlikely to be the same in the future and we have no expectation of initially reopening without social distancing measures seen prior to our closure.

When we come back, we want you to feel safe, not just in a physical sense, but in the environmental and operational changes we will make to promote a healthy Club. Directors have been meeting via home teleconferencing more regularly than normal to set policy for management direction in accordance with increasing developing government announcements. 

Establishing guidelines and regulation to protect the population and provide funding for business and employees, along with protections for landlords and tenants, are all relative to Twin Towns group for the benefit of all concerned in unprecedented times. 

Our administration team, although frustrated with government funding requirements for the JobKeeper packages, worked overtime to resolve protocols to provide staff with their fortnightly $1,500 allowance they so desperately needed. Unfortunately, one size doesn’t fit all, with some of our loyal staff not having served the mandatory twelve-month term being ineligible for JobKeeper funding. 

Hopefully, JobSeeker funding at least is available to those unfortunate casual staff members who were not included in the JobKeeper package, however recommendations to government to include those ineligible staff will be pursued as a priority. 

Our operations team has also been meeting regularly via teleconference, coordinating Club business, planning for ongoing repairs and maintenance, refurbishment and the processes to keep members information flowing, especially for the reopening of Twin Towns Services Clubs & Resorts.

Refurbishment of timber flooring in the main Club has been completed and Twin Towns Juniors is undergoing a full interior repaint to match the new flooring which was installed after unprecedented rain penetrated the building. 

The expansion of the Club Banora TAB area is underway, providing an exciting new environment on reopening. Our management team has displayed previously undisclosed, high quality skills in undertaking some of this refurbishment at Banora and Juniors. They are truly a multi-skilled team!

Club Banora commercial development application proposed for the existing northeast portion of the Club, including the Leisure Drive parking area, bowls greens and children’s play area, commenced in 2009 and submitted in February 2020, has been accepted for Council consideration.  

The proposed alterations to the 1st on Wharf Tavern’s Sports Bar opening out onto the laneway is reaching the final stages prior to the Development Application being submitted to Council. The massive 5.4 metre x 2 metre LED screen to promote sports in the Sports Bar has been ordered and expected to be a fantastic attraction for Members viewing on reopening.

Operating Twin Towns Clubs & Resorts continues on a daily basis, with priority given to the staff JobKeeper supplement based on extremely tight government protocols and conditions on both the Club and staff. Twin Towns Clubs & Resorts strategic planning will change our Clubs for the better in many facets of operations with emphasis especially on preparations for reopening.

Watch this space, stay healthy and I look forward to catching up on reopening in the future.

Michael Fraser
Board Chairman

VALE:  Mr Dallas Ryan, Past Board Director & Life Member of Twin Towns

Dallas Ryan joined Twin Towns Services Club in August 1978 and was appointed to the Board in 1987. He served on most Board committees, achieving the position of Deputy Board Chairman which he supported for 14 years. 

Dallas was a member of the Twin Towns Services Hostel Association (Winders Lodge) from 1990. He became Chairman in 1993 and continued in that role for 16 years, including the changeover to Twin Towns Services Community Foundation upon the sale of the Hostel to RSL Care Limited. 

Dallas was awarded Life Membership in 2010 in recognition by members of his exemplary service as a Director, member representative, and for his outstanding community service role. Dallas was a National Serviceman having served his country and in extending his community service role, was a long-time member of Rotary International with the Kirra Currumbin Rotary Club.

Dallas was an extremely dedicated and professional Director, recognising members, community and stakeholder needs first and foremost during his 28 years serving as a Director. Dallas leaves behind an outstanding legacy for others to follow, donating a big part of his life to benefit the future of Twin Towns Services Club.

We extend our sincere condolences to Cecile and her extended family.

Club Banora refurbishment 

Although previously planned for commencement later this year, the Board brought forward the refurbishment of Club Banora’s alfresco area and TAB to coincide with the Club’s temporary closure.

Tweed Coast-based construction company, TLF Developments, was scheduled to carry out Stage 2 of refurbishment of hotel rooms at Mantra Twin Towns but these works were postponed due to supply issues caused by the pandemic. 

The Club was concerned that the changing landscape of COVID-19 restrictions could, at any time, see the workforce for the job ordered home, leaving the task unfinished. We were also very conscious of putting all the construction workers in close contact with each other on an indoor project, so changing our focus to the alfresco area would allow work to be undertaken outdoors in an environment that addressed the challenges of social distancing. 

Twin Towns CEO Rob Smith said focus switched from Mantra to Club Banora and most of the trades previously scheduled to work at Mantra are now working on the Banora project. 

“Workplace Health & Safety, social distancing and security were major considerations ahead of commencement but currently, all these issues have been addressed and it’s full steam ahead. 

“The Board is always happy to see major works contracts awarded to local companies, with this project expected to provide around 20-30 carpenters, electricians, concreters, plasterers, cabinetmakers and other tradies ongoing work during May and June.”

The refurbishment includes removing some walls in the Lounge area and a reconfiguration and update of the TAB to support latest technology for race statistics. We are also installing the largest screens ever installed at Club Banora for enhanced viewing.

The open plan area will enhance viewing of the screens and additional TVs in the bar area to ensure watching racing and sporting matches is even more accessible. New furniture is also on the way for the Club Banora Lounge and TAB, as well as the outside beer garden.

Oswaldo Carrasco from Fletcher Floors, hard at work on The Stage timber dance floor.

Floors and more!

Twin Towns closure presented an opportune time to carry out work on its timber floors. Over 700 square metres of flooring, including the dancefloors on Level 1, has received a massive makeover and after sanding and refinishing, the boards are gleaming with polished perfection.

Gold Coast-based Fletcher Floors, who have been looking after timber floors at Twin Towns for the past 50-plus years, undertook the massive task. Warren Fletcher says he has been working with Twin Towns on the floors since he took over the reins of the family business in 1994. Prior to that, his father Bob Fletcher had kept the floors sparkling since 1967. 

Further down the track, when social distancing restrictions ease, we can’t wait to see the Twinnies dance floor back to its heyday. When the Club is finally given the green light, we’re sure many will hit the dance floor and dance like no one is watching! We all just need to be a little patient until that time finally arrives.

Kitchen clean-out

And it’s not just timber floors that have been revamped. At Club Banora, all kitchen equipment was removed from the Slice & Fork kitchen to allow the entire floor area to be replaced with the highest quality industrial epoxy flooring on the market. 

Like almost every household, we’ve taken the opportunity for a ‘Spring clean’ of our kitchens during this time. It’s been a mammoth undertaking, taking in every nook and cranny from floor to wall to ceiling. This couldn’t be achieved while the kitchen was operational and the results will put us in good stead for at least the next 15 years. 

Twin Towns Music Quiz

Online entries flooded in from around Australia for the first Twin Towns Music Quiz. All of the winning entrants we contacted thought it was an entertaining diversion during difficult times.

First prize of a $100 gift card went to John Lambie from South Plympton in South Australia, whose name was drawn for hundreds of entrants who correctly named the seven songs and artists featured in the clip. Second prize went to Lee Simons from Casino in NSW and third was Todd Hyland from Tweed Heads.

Details for Music Quiz #2 are coming soon so stay tuned for the next email from Twin Towns.