With sizzling summer days set to lose some bite through autumn, some of the best and freshest seafood is set to make its way to the table at Harbour Fresh at Twin Towns.
Executive chef Lloyd Cremer recommends the rock oysters which he says really come into their own during March and April. “Sweet-fleshed toothfish, all the way from the crisp cold waters of Antarctica’s Glacier 51, may also find its way to the menu. It’s a delicacy,” Cremer says.

The former Adelaide Hilton chef landed at Twin Towns a year ago and set to work with an overhaul of Flame dining, followed by the opening late last year of Harbour Fresh, which offers fine dining in relaxed surrounds.

The best and freshest local seafoods and produce are served up alongside special treats that come from a little further afield. The Ora King salmon, hailing from the crisp, clean waters of New Zealand, comes pan fried at Harbour Fresh. The world’s best chefs revere the fish that has been described as the Wagyu of the sea.
Cremer can vouch for the product, having just returned from a five-day trip visiting Ora’s hatchery, farms and processing plant at Golden Bay, Marlborough Sound and Nelson.

Eggs destined to produce Ora King Salmon are nurtured in the crystal clear waters flowing from Te Waikoropupu Springs at a hatchery at Takaka. Some 14,000 litres of fresh water bubbles to the surface of the springs every second. The waters are some of the purest in the world. Salmon farming in Marlborough has a tiny footprint and pens take minimal space in the sound. Salmon harvests are quick, effective and stress free before transportation to Nelson for processing, washing, grading and packaging for distribution.

Cremer returns from the trip relaxed, refreshed and inspired by a five-day foodie experience that allowed him to learn about every process of Ora King salmon farming from ‘sea paddock to plate’.
Cremer liked what he saw and thinks Twin Towns diners would feel the same way.
“It’s not intensive farming. You have peace of mind when you see how things are done there and this makes me feel at ease with including Ora King Salmon on the menu at Harbour Fresh,” he said.

Cremer intends to stick to his policy of best and freshest local seafood, meat and produce where he can.

“We go a little further for our salmon because you can’t get anything like it here.”