Seven days a week, Slice and Fork at Club Banora serves two for $24 lunch and dinner specials. That’s just $12 per person when two people dine! 

Executive Chef Thomas Goransson said members have embraced the daily specials, with many saying they’ve discovered them to be a cost-effective alternative to cooking at home.

“Tuesdays are one of the most popular days at Slice and Fork. You can get two Sirloin Steaks specials, cooked to your liking and served with chips and salad, for just $24.

“Saturday ‘roast day’ is also a favourite. Cooking a roast lunch or dinner these days for just two people isn’t always practical. 

“It’s much more cost effective to head to Slice and Fork to enjoy a roast, without the expense, and the washing up!” said Thomas.

Thomas added that Friday nights lure many members to Slice and Fork for fish and chips, served hot to the table.

“It’s much easier and often more affordable than driving to and from the local fish and chip shop,” he said.

As well as two for $24 specials, Slice and Fork’s full Bistro menu features steaks, seafood, roasts, pasta, burgers, schnitzels and kids’ meals, along with light meals and snacks.

Lunch is served from 11.30am to 2.30pm NSW and dinner from 5pm NSW.