An update from your Club

As a nation, Australia currently struggles through unprecedented times. Our thoughts are with all Twin Towns members, along with impacted communities across the country, and businesses, who have closed or are struggling financially to cope with the impacts of the pandemic.

Twin Towns’ location in Tweed Heads, just a few metres into New South Wales, means we sit directly in the middle of two States divided by border closures. 

Many members, along with many of Twin Towns’ Queensland-based employees, are unable to navigate cross-border restrictions to visit families and friends and get to medical appointments. Many are unable to attend their regular workplace or it has been forced to close, as is the case with all NSW clubs. Subsequently, these people have lost their regular income.

We are also sure many are missing the opportunity to visit their Clubs, to catch up with friends, enjoy a drink, socialise and make the most of everything Twin Towns, Club Banora and Juniors have to offer. It goes without saying, we miss you too.

The Club is temporarily closed until we get approval from the NSW Government to get back to business as usual. The Government has intimated this could be 10 September but like everyone else, we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime, if you need to contact Twin Towns, please head to the website and submit your enquiry as phones are not attended during the lockdown. 

If staff or Club members, their families or friends are experiencing difficulties coping with the effects of border closures or lockdowns, financial stress or social isolation, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or head to their website for an online chat with a support officer.

Beyond Blue has also a dedicated Coronavirus support page or call on 1800 512 348.

Brian Brown
Board Chairman

Vaccinations may be our new norm

NSW Deputy Premier announced on Thursday that the Government is finalising new technology that integrates vaccination status with the current QR code check-in system.

As the State plans to relax restrictions when vaccine rates hit the target of 70 percent, this latest development could mean businesses across NSW will have to provide proof that staff and customers are vaccinated before being able to reopen their doors. Businesses such as Twin Towns may have to register, and register staff as well.

We understand the government is still in the early stages of planning for the system and more information is expected in upcoming weeks.

However, if you currently have not had the Covid-19 vaccine, perhaps it may be timely to consider your options for when the new freedoms do come. We recognise too that it is a personal choice. That said, we do foresee many challenges ahead for all NSW businesses, as well as registered Clubs, their members, staff and visitors.

Showroom postponements and cancellations

Unfortunately, many shows scheduled for the Twin Towns Showroom have been postponed or cancelled due to the Club’s closure, as well as travel restrictions, lockdowns and border issues. Some international artists had planned to travel from overseas for Australian tours, but now this is not an option.

We hope you continue to support the Australian Music Industry once the Club reopens. Bookings are still available for shows later in the year. If you choose to book tickets and your show is postponed or cancelled, the option of a refund is available. Click to view what’s coming to the Showroom. 

Club Banora Redevelopment

The 30,000 square metre commercial development at Club Banora, along with a new undercover bowls green and children’s playground, appears likely to take a little longer than anticipated after an appeal before the Courts was dismissed. The Board, however, is confident that an approval will not be too far away, now they have a much clearer pathway to getting the final tick for the development.

Planning for the strategic redevelopment of land surrounding Club Banora commenced in 2008, followed by a successful rezoning application in 2015. The project has long been considered by the Board as an integral generational component of diversification strategies aimed at ensuring the viability of Club Banora and the Twin Towns organisation into the future.

Whilst the proposal recently before the Land & Environment Court of NSW had not been refused by Council, Twin Towns lodged an appeal that it had not been determined in the time it had been under assessment and sought to bring the application to a resolution.

The Court’s decision was to dismiss the appeal, and Twin Towns will now take guidance from Council planners and the determination of the Land & Environment Court to address any areas of concern before resubmitting the application. 

Twin Towns will continue to work towards a positive outcome, now they have the guidance of the Court and their interpretation of the relevant parts of the town plan.

Hopefully, 2022 will be the year we deliver the great news that this project is approved and after 13 years of planning, it will finally be all systems GO!

And some good news!

Twin Towns MEGA 85” TV Giveaways at Club Banora and Juniors was shaping up to one of the most popular promotions ever, until the lockdown of all NSW Clubs on 14 August put a dampener on the excitement. Who wouldn’t have wanted an 85” TV during lockdown?

Just to ensure all members get a crack at getting their entries in, we plan to extend the draw date to Christmas Eve. 

Stay tuned for more information.

Behind the Scenes

On a positive note, work continues behind the scenes at Twin Towns with several projects currently underway during lockdown. The Board is pleased to have the opportunity to provide construction work to many local Tweed tradies who have been unable to cross the border to jobs in Queensland.

Work on the new Terraces Bar adjoining the Harbour Balcony is underway during lockdown.
Members can soon drink, dine and soak up the views from the new Harbour Terrace balcony.

Terrace extension & Terraces Bar

The Terraces Bar on Level 1 is undergoing a makeover. Hopefully, this will be completed by the end of November so members will have lots to look forward to when they visit the Club after reopening.

An extension of the Harbour Terrace balcony and remodelling of the existing outdoor area at the rear of Twin Towns is also underway. The new area will become an open space where members can relax outdoors, enjoy a drink and soak up the tranquil views over Jack Evans Boat Harbour, the Tweed River and beyond.

The new extension will add an additional 140 square metres, with exciting new options for outdoor dining on the drawing board. We are sure meals from Twin Towns latest dining addition, Amigos Mexican express and the new cocktail jugs, will be frontrunners for an afternoon with friends the new balcony.

Out with the old and in with the new, as local tradies revamp more hotel rooms at Mantra Twin Towns.

Mantra refurbishments Levels 1 and 2

Work on refurbishment of Level 2 hotel rooms at Mantra Twin Towns will be finalised next week. The last remaining hotel rooms on Level 1 will also commence next week. That means all five floors of hotel rooms will have had their stunning new ‘Hamptons style’ makeovers by December 2021.

Be optimistic that easing of restrictions is not far away and book an upcoming stay at this beautiful hotel adjoining Twin Towns. Tweed Heads and Coolangatta need your support too. Members should call 1800 19 20 20 to book to ensure they receive available Twin Towns members’ discounts.