Twin Towns welcomes first female Director

At the 2020 AGM, Tweed business consultant Sharon Styman became the first female Board Director since the Club opened its doors in 1957.

Sharon’s vast experience spans almost 20 years, working with scores of business owners, assisting with auditing and strategic planning, and developing foundations from which young businesses could grow and prosper. She has an MBA and Associate Degree in Business Administration and has held previous directorships with not-for-profit organisations since 2002.

Sharon says she is passionate about directorships as it carries with it a responsibility of governance.

“As the newest member of the Board, I have so much to learn. There is a lot wisdom and experience sitting around that boardroom table; it is awe-inspiring. As the first female Director, I feel compelled to firstly honour and respect what has already been built and I am excited to part of the Club’s future,” said Sharon.

Sharon acknowledges the deep tradition that lies within the walls of the Twin Towns establishment.

“You feel it as you wander through the iconic buildings that make up Twin Towns physical structures. The culture that was born decades ago has been shining through the local community for over 60 years and is a representation of everything the Club stands for. This largesse flows through to the personal lives of our community at large in many ways.

“It’s difficult to know what I will bring to the table at this early stage, other than the willingness to understand how things have been done. To understand the rules and regulations of what can be done. And to decipher somewhere in between what one can do.

“I feel very welcome and glad to be part of the family and look forward to meeting as many staff, members and community as possible, and seeing where I can help in some way.”

If you see Sharon around Twin Towns, be sure to introduce yourself to the woman who is the first to join the many great minds, characters and personalities of the Board of Directors, whose job it is to shape the face and future of this mighty Club.